We’re Sustyfoods, and we’re on a mission to empower people to live healthier. Our purpose is to make it as convenient and hassle-free as possible for people to eat better – so they can lead healthy lives and look great without obsessing about their diets.


We’re looking for a passionate, creative and driven marketing executive to join the cavalry. Your key objective will be to take charge of our social media accounts, interact with our customers and come up with awesome marketing campaigns that will entice potential customers to try our products!


What the gig entails:


  • You will be responsible for the end-to-end management of our social media accounts: preparing monthly plans, creating campaigns to improve engagement and generate creatives together with our designers
  • You will be creating and distributing content across multiple channels – Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube etc
  • You will be directly managing our social media accounts for Singapore, while working with other colleagues to ensure consistency for other regions
  • You will be responsible for responding to customer queries across different channels such as email, social media
  • Proficiency in photo and video editing is not required – we have video and image editing capabilities available for you to use. You just need to have a keen eye for captivating creatives, so you can come up with good briefs for our creative team
  • As the company grows, there will be more roles available across various functions. You will get the opportunity to fill these roles before we look externally for candidates. Our rule is simple, you can take on whatever position you want, as long as you can demonstrate that you can do what is required for the position well


What you need to be:


  • You need to be passionate about health and nutrition. Ideally, you should be reading up on health and nutrition out of personal interest and putting these principles into practice. The most effective way to put yourself in the shoes of our potential customers is to be like them
  • You need to have excellent written English, since you will be taking charge of copywriting
  • You need to have some experience and demonstrated results with the creative generation process, within the context of paid ads – if you have a resume or examples of past works, please send them over
  • You need to be creative and resourceful – unlike big companies, we do not have a large budget or team for you to work with. You need to progress initiatives, with little resources available at your disposal
  • You need to be an autonomous, self-motivated person who can move things forward, without us having to push you


What’s in it for you:


  • If you’ve ever had a flair for entrepreneurship, this is going to be the job for you. Together with us, you’re going to scale a home-grown brand regionally, launch new products and learn how to build a proper business ground-up
  • You’re going to get responsibility and decision-making power that would take you several years to earn in the corporate world. After you’ve demonstrated to us that you are competent and reliable, you’re free to set the direction and plan out your work, as long as you can explain the value it will contribute to the company



At Sustyfoods, all roles start as contract roles. During the contract role phase (2-3 weeks), you’re not required to leave your current job. You will need to work a few additional hours while holding your day job, on a clearly defined piece of paid work. This will allow us to accurately gauge if you’re a good fit for us. Interested? Write in to and introduce yourself! Alternatively, you can apply through our LinkedIn page here